Every school has its own rules and regulations. In St Anthony nursery, primary and secondary  school, we must achieve our aim and objectives of good moral, Christian character training, excellence in academics and sports, we must be disciplined; management, staff, parents and students alike.

Here are some simple rules and regulations:

  • Every student must be punctual to school daily
  • Students must not absent themselves from school without informing school authority
  • Bullying, fighting of flogging of fellow students is not allowed in school
  • Cleanliness is a great virtue. Students must use waste bins and not litter their classrooms or surroundings
  • Students should take pride in their school and not deface the school walls with writings on the walls
  • Stealing is a serious offence and may lead to expulsion from the school
  • No student should leave the school compound during school hours without permission
  • Students are expected to participate fully in all school activities
  • No student may insult or abuse any teacher for any reason at all times
  • School prefects must be respected and obeyed
  • No student may fly his shirt in school or out of school
  • Student MUST leave the school compound at the close of the day and head straight home.
  • All fees must be paid within the first two weeks of the term into the designated bank
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